Bastards of Wine: the Rules


1: Thou shalt not worship wine, but love it.

2: Thou shalt remain curious.

3: Thou shalt question yourself.

4: Thou shalt not dress up (feathers belong on pheasants, medals on veterans or turkeys, velvet on kings).

5: Thou shalt not attack the weak. Small wines can be beautiful, and some wines are meant to be just for fun. If somebody worked very hard to make them, they deserve your respect.

6: Thou shalt smile. Wine is about smiles not frowns. Wine is about joy.

7: Thou shalt disrespect the institutes. It keeps them awake.

8: Thou shalt not be paid or bribed by the wine industry. The part that does is not the part that interests you.

9: Thou shalt drink. Bottles, and certainly the best, are not meant to stare at. They are made to drink (when ready) and the better they are the more you should share them.

10: Thou shalt respect the serious winemaker and the serious winedealer. In volume they represent a very small part of the market.

11: In supermarkets you buy milk.

12: Thou shalt not remain silent. Quality should be praised, cynicism punished.

How to become a wine bastard ?

Just agree with the above. Send me a mail at, with your name or your aka, and preferrably with a picture that represents you or what you stand for. I'll create a mailinglist for a newsletter (like for example, where to eat well in Paris, or Dresden, or Edinburgh, or Evora etc etc), and I count on you to give me as much info as possible on the things you see as important for a BoW ! Share your nice and bastardly experiences in the wonderful world of wine and good food, and I'll find a way to share them with other BoW's. And once we will meet in person, and share a bottle (or two or three) together.


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